What is Mindful Leadership?

by Stephanie Bown, Founder and Director workwellgroup.com.au

Progressive businesses around the world are adopting mindfulness based practices to develop leaders to be less stressed, more focussed, more compassionate and ultimately more successful. So what exactly is mindful leadership?

David Gelles, former Financial Times reporter, long-term meditator, and author of “Mindful Work” wrote about how meditation and mindfulness is changing business from the inside out. He defines mindfulness as “being aware of our experiences, observing them without judgement, and responding from a place of clarity and compassion, rather than fear, insecurity or greed”.

My dear friend from university, Alyssa, a clinical psychologist, working mum and successful business leader, put mindful leadership simply as “owning your own stuff”. Being mindful is the opposite of being mindless; operating on autopilot, from habit, or under stress. The real clincher, however, is doing this “without judgement”. Accepting the moment as it is, rather than what you think it should be or what you want it to be, can be exceptionally difficult.

Doing this at work, in the heat of the moment, with multiple distractions and demands, is even more challenging. But the payoff from a personal and professional perspective is well worth the investment. I see mindful leadership playing out in business in three ways;


  1. Sharing your vision
  2. Caring about your impact on others
  3. Respecting yourself


First, mindful leadership is about having a clear vision and direction for your business or your team that you can easily communicate, that fires people up and makes them feel part of something important.


Mindful Leaders Retreat – Byron Bay, 24-27 October, 2016


Mindful leadership and mindful living are cornerstone practices of Byron Bay based consultancy workwellgroup.

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