A new day – Epworth

Client: Epworth Healthcare

Campaign: Strategic Vision

Target Market: People aged 25-60 living in Melbourne


As Victoria’s largest private health care provider, Epworth has developed a reputation for offering the very best in patient care. Epworth now prides itself on delivering excellent patient-centred care with compassion and dignity, and there was an opportunity to unify all Epworth stakeholders and re-affirm this commitment as the cornerstone of the organisation.


To faithfully convey Epworth’s commitment to patient care, we created a short film that followed the journey of Epworth patients and employees. A New Day was shot in cinéma vérité style to capture the empathy and expertise experienced by patients at Epworth, and stay true to the events confronted by everyone at Epworth hospitals. This style allowed us to impart a realism and human element to what is a highly complex environment involving patients, friends, family, doctors, nurses and carers.


In the first few days since being uploaded the video has received over 40,000 organic views. It’s early days, but the film looks to have connected with the community with over 175 shares. Even though the numbers on this post will be obsolete as soon as we type them, the film has demonstrated that it will be a key asset for strengthening Epworth as the market leader in private health care.