Make It Better

Design, at its heart, is a planned process of making something better. Most people assume this just means it looks better, but to us it implies a lot more. Does it communicate better? Will it function better? Does every part have a purpose? Is it visually eloquent? Answering yes to these questions is what gets us out of bed every morning.

How We Do It

Our design approach is a process of structured discovery, which involves a guiding process, the freedom to innovate, and sometimes lots of coffee. We first start by understanding the problem. We research, we talk, we learn. We then apply creative thinking to produce ideas to solve it, usually with sketches, thumbnails, visuals and lively discussion. We isolate the directions which are ripe for development, and share these in discussion with our client. Once one or more directions are agreed, we fully develop & refine the creative – both in-house, and in partnership with the best illustrators, photographers, directors & professionals for that solution.

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