Epworth Mental Health

Client: Epworth HealthCare

Campaign: Mental Health Campaign

Target Market: People aged 25-60 living in Melbourne


Mental health is a sensitive issue that isn’t widely talked about or promoted. There was limited awareness of Epworth’s new Mental Health facility.


We ran a bold campaign designed to challenge people to think about mental health from the patient’s perspective. The creative illustrated the personal nature of mental health using the creative idea that mental health problems are as individual as fingerprints.


The creative attracted an immense level of attention and, combined with the digital campaign, drove a high level of awareness. It was even highlighted by the Herald Sun as exceptional creative in editorial 3/7/14. Pandora Radio attracted 2,020 clicks to a highly targeted audience. The campaign posts on Facebook achieved over 4,750 likes, 940 shares, 160 comments and drove new followers to Epworth HealthCare.