Epworth Safety Campaign

Client: Epworth Healthcare

Campaign: Safety Syndromes

Target Market: 5500 Epworth staff


Safety isn’t always the first priority for employees at a busy hospital and shortcuts take place. This leads to high numbers of injuries, lost work hours and millions of dollars in injury claims and insurance premiums.


OMG developed a creative strategy that highlighted the mindset 'Syndromes' that cause the most injuries in a hospital. Hospitals are 'acronym havens' and the syndromes were highlighted via acronyms, delivered by comedian Colin Lane in memorable video content and supporting printed executions. The program also utilised user-generated content through the use of selfies, to generate huge hospital hallways posters of staff who were dedicated to being safer at Epworth. To participate in the 'Safety Selfie' staff were required to complete a questionnaire on an enterprise safety iOS App.


After a great response from staff at every hospital location there was also a 35% decrease in Lost Work Time Injuries*, as well as an increase in staff enquiries and assistance seeking. The dollar value in savings is significant. * SOURCE: Epworth OH&S and HR departments.