University of Canberra Breakthrough

Client: University of Canberra

Campaign: Breakthrough Campaign

Target Market: Undergraduate prospects and their influencers in ACT & regional NSW catchment area.


Research suggested the market’s perception of the University of Canberra was not reflective of the brand’s true offering, limiting level of enquiry and impacting application rates.


We encapsulated the University’s vision in the words ‘Inspiring Change’, which communicate the intent to be a bold and progressive young university, and formed the platform on which the creative work was built. The creative idea, ‘Breakthrough’, underpinned the inspiring and transformative experience the University offers to all who pass through it. The creative execution allowed the brand to move away from stereotypical category visuals and media mix to an innovative and youthful brand, enhancing saliency and memorability.


Applications have shown a consistent increase year on year (showing 8.5% growth on previous year in 2012, further 3.8% growth 2013, and another 3.4% in 2014) in a declining market.  Mid-year intake yielded an unprecedented increase, with the relevant cohort up 19.3% on year prior.